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Resources by format

Here are listed guides for finding materials based on their formats.

Looking for more specific patent and trademark help?  Hop on over to our full Patent and Trademark Guide that provides support for inventors, researchers, entrepreneurs and more!

This list of resources will enable you to retrieve most U.S. patents or trademarks, if you have a specific citation. However, if you have a product idea and want to determine if a similar item has been patented, searching these resources to determine patentability may be difficult. Patent and trademark searching can be very complex, and unless one has experience the results may not be valid.

United States, European, and Canadian patent sites

Other free patent resources online

University owned patents from Free Patents Online
Data for about 150 universities (mostly American) is available, including Virginia Tech. Clicking on a name of a university will retrieve a list of US patents and published applications assigned to that university.
National Inventors Hall of Fame
Listing of inventors with brief biographies.
Patent Information Users Group
This site contains links to many patent resources worldwide. The site is oriented towards the serious patent searcher, not the casual browser.
European Patent Office
The EPO allows a single patent application to be filed in one of the three official languages (English, French or German), giving patent protection in all 18 member states of the European Patent Organisation
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.
Information about patents at Virginia Tech..
World Intellectual Property Organization
United Nations agency to oversee global intellectual property issues.

Trademark resources online