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Interlibrary Loan: ILLiad Statuses

Item Progress

You can track the progress of your ILLiad request using the item's status. 


Request Statuses

  • Checked Out to Patron = The item is checked out on the patron's ILLiad account.
  • Document Delivery Processing = Material will be retrieved from the library collection and processed for shipment to an Extended User, or article scanning.
  • End Processing = Item has been received and processed in ILLiad.
  • Extensive searching required = If a source is not located during the initial search, the request requires more extensive searching using various sources to try to identify the item and any possible sources.
  • Item billed to patron's library account = An item that is overdue by 30 days will have a replacement fee assessed to the patron's library account.
  • Patron notified by email = Patron emailed that an item is available for pick-up, or is being shipped to an extended campus user.
  • PDF delivered to ILLiad account = The requested article is loaded to the user's ILLiad account, where it may be viewed and/or downloaded in PDF format.  Articles are available on your ILLiad account for 30 days from the delivery date before it is automatically removed.
  • Processing received material = Interlibrary Loan is processing the newly arrived material.  You will be notified when it is available for pickup or delivery.
  • Processing unfilled request = The request was not filled by any of the possible lending libraries that Interlibrary Loan identified.  We will try to identify additional libraries that may be able to lend the material.
  • Request being processed = Interlibrary Loan is identifying possible lenders and/or vendors for the requested material.
  • Request canceled = The request has been cancelled by you or the ILL staff. You can learn the reason for the cancelation by logging on to your ILLiad account.  Select the View/Resubmit Canceled Requests button to view the detailed information for the cancelation.
    • Note: If your request is canceled by the ILL staff, ILLiad will immediately send you an email message explaining why the item was canceled.
  • Request Finished = The request process is completed. Finished requests are archived under the View Request History feature on your ILLiad account.
  • Request waiting for Copyright Approval = An article request is reviewed to determine if any copyright fees are required, which are paid by the library.
  • Request will be processed after item's publication date = A request for a book that has not been published yet will be held until the item is available for loan or purchase.
  • Returning to Lending Library = Interlibrary Loan is processing the material for return to the lending library.
  • Request will be processed mm/dd/yyyy = During university closures in December and January and other downtimes, requests are held for processing until Interlibrary Loan re-opens on the date cited.
  • Submitted by patron = Patron submits initial request.
  • Submitted to lending libraries = The request was sent to possible lending libraries, and we are waiting for the item to be fulfilled by a lender.
  • Waiting for patron response =  We have emailed you about the request, usually a question about the citation, and we are waiting for your response before proceeding.
  • Waiting for return of CRL permission form = Theses and dissertation from foreign libraries may require a signed copyright permission form to borrow materials from the Center for Research Libraries.  Once the form is returned, request processing can continue.

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