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Vet Med Library Information: 3D printer

This page and corresponding tabs provide information about the Veterinary Medicine Library's resources, policies, services, etc. at Virginia Tech

Request a Print

Use this form to request
a 3D print

Once your request has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to a Google Folder where you can upload your files to be printed.

Our 3D printer

We currently have 1 machine, a Lulzbot 6 located near the photocopier/printer/scanner in the Vet Med Library.

[Photo is from the Lulzbot site]

See a video of one of our complete prints in action!

Video on Library and Hospital 3D printing collaboration

Recent prints

Take a look at some of the items we've printed!

Mandible side view


Hip & legs

Radius & Ulna


Painted mask (originally printed in white)

Well hello there!

Exploring the 3D skull. It's a great place to hide!


Marble machine

With supports

Supports removed

Pelvic print

If you have something you want printed,
there are a few things to know:

  • The service is free! ​
    • Class projects, academic/educational purposes will observe unlimited printing. 
    • Personal projects may incur restrictions, especially if the project will take more than 250g of material.
  • We generally only accept files with .stl and .obj file extensions; we can also work with .amf extensions on a limited basis
  • Our default is to print in PLA (hard plastic, food grade), but we do have a few other material options for special projects or specific needs. 
  • We can only print one type of filament at a time, so we will do "batch" loads, meaning that we will print based on filament type and color, not necessarily in the order in which requests are received.
  • PLA is easily painted, but we will accept color requests and do our best to accommodate. Note, this type of request will generally cause a delay in the print time to completion.

Places to search for 3D objects:

There are also a lot of free software options to create your own 3D object. A few include:


Please note, the 3D printing services are free, but as such, we cannot guarantee the quality of the print as it depends heavily on the file submitted and material type requested.   

Due to filament type, what is ahead in the print queue, color requests, and the size of your object, we cannot state when a print job will be completed at the time of submission.  We will email you when it is available for pickup.