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Vet Med Library Information: Open Access Subvention Fund

This page and corresponding tabs provide information about the Veterinary Medicine Library's resources, policies, services, etc. at Virginia Tech

Did you know?

The University Libraries supports Open Access publishing through discounts and providing funding to offset the costs of article page charges that are a part of Open Access (OA) publishing.  See below for more information, or check out the full Open Access Subvention Fund guide.  

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Discounts available to Virginia Tech authors

Publisher/Journal Open Access discount Discount based on More information
Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) 100% VIVA agreement VIVA ACM Open Access Agreement
American Chemical Society (ACS) 100% - new for 2024 VIVA agreement VIVA ACS Read and Publish Agreement
BioMed Central 15% Institutional membership BMC APC Costs
Cambridge University Press 100%  - now including Cambridge Prisms and Cambridge Research Directions for 2024 VIVA agreement VIVA Cambridge University Press Agreement
Cogitatio Press 100% Institutional membership Cogitatio Institutional Membership
Electrochemical Society 100% Library subscription ECS Free the Science Initiative
Ergo 100% Institutional membership Ergo Support
Institute of Physics 100% VIVA agreement VIVA IOP Agreement
International Water Association 100% (discount not applicable to Water Research, published by Elsevier) VIVA agreement IWA Instructions for Authors
MDPI 10% Institutional membership MDPI Institutional Open Access Program
PeerJ, PeerJCompSci 100% Institutional membership PeerJ Info for Virginia Tech
PLOS 100% - new for 2024. Covers PLOS One and six other PLOS Journals including Complex Systems, Computational Biology, Digital Health, Genetics, Neglected Tropical Diseases, and Pathogens VIVA membership Flat Fee Agreement
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences $500 savings for immediate open access Library subscription PNAS Open Access
Rockefeller University Press journals 100% VIVA agreement RUP Instructions for Authors
Royal Society 25% Institutional membership Royal Society Open Access Membership
Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing 100% - new for 2024 Library subscription Read and Publish
Springer 100% for eligible journals - Nature-branded journals are not included VIVA agreement Springer Nature Transformative Agreement
SpringerOpen 15% (Note - Nature-branded journals are not included) Institutional membership SpringerOpen Journals
Wiley 100% VIVA agreement VIVA Wiley Agreement 2022-2024