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Vet Med Library Information: Printing, Scanning, Photocopying

This page and corresponding tabs provide information about the Veterinary Medicine Library's resources, policies, services, etc. at Virginia Tech

Print, Scan, Photocopy

There is an all-in-one scanner/photocopier/printer located in the library.  Before using the machine for the first time (and often at the beginning of each new academic year) be sure to swipe your card in the card swipe at the machine (stripe up) to activate your account. Once activated, you will be able to send items to be printed at any library printer, on campus.

  • You will need to have funds on your Hokie Passport Account  prior to being able to print, scan, or photocopy. 



Before you print a file, select the options (e.g. double-side, color, etc). 

There are 3 options to submit a print job to be printed.  Regardless of which printing option is selected, the print job will not begin until you swipe your card at the machine. At that time, funds will be removed from your account to complete the print job.

1. Upload as many files as you want to My Print Center; they will be available for the next 48 hours on the server. 

  • Note, to print from any mobile device, you must use My Print Center.
  • You can adjust print settings (double-sided, color, etc.) once you upload your documents.

2. Another option for printing from a laptop is to install the Newman Public Printing printer driver onto your laptop  - Windows printer driver (2MB); Mac/Linux driver

  • You must select the options (e.g. double-side, color, etc) before sending to the printer. 

3. You can use the public computer in the library to print. 

  • Both My Print Center and the Newman Public Printing options are available.

Scanning & photocopying

Scan your Hokie Passport or borrowing card and select either the scanning or photocopying option.  Funds will be subtracted from your Hokie account for each page scanned/copied.  Make sure to close/logout of your account when you are finished.