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Vet Med Library Information: Openly Available Books

This page and corresponding tabs provide information about the Veterinary Medicine Library's resources, policies, services, etc. at Virginia Tech

Openly Available Veterinary Medicine Books

Openly Available Textbooks

The following texts are Open Education Resources (OER) that are freely available to use and adapt in courses/instruction and for anyone to access:

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals


Animals & Ethics 101: Thinking Critically about Animal Rights
This book provides an overview of the current debates about the nature and extent of our moral obligations to animals. Which, if any, uses of animals are morally wrong, which are morally permissible (i.e., not wrong) and why? What, if any, moral obligations do we, individually and as a society (and a global community), have towards animals and why? How should animals be treated? Why? (CC BY SA)

Large Animal Surgery - Supplemental Notes
This textbook includes basic principles of large animal surgery and anesthesia, how to apply those principles to cases and situations, and discover ways of finding answers when you don’t remember the information, are presented with cases that aren’t “textbook” and/or things don’t go as planned.

Veterinary Histology
Veterinary Histology is a microscopic anatomy textbook focused on domestic species, including the dog, cat, cattle, horses, swine, and camelids. This digital textbook provides comprehensive, system-specific text as well as high-resolution, annotated images along with chapter-specific glossary of terms and learning objectives. (CC BY NC)

Freely available textbooks

Although these are not provided under an OER license, the following are links to textbooks that are available for anyone to download and access to read:

Equine-focused books available for Mac OS systems

Interested in other Open Access works?

Check out our Open Education Resources guide:

This includes handbooks, interactive resources, additional textbooks, course materials, and areas such as anatomy and diagnostic tools.